Welcome to JJCP Trading

JJCP Trading is a trading company specializing in used computer hardware, such as HDDs, SSDs, NAS servers, memory, processors, video cards and the like.

About JJCP Trading

I have built up the necessary knowledge over the years and I am known for my solid advice for purchase.

I deliberately do not have a webshop, but I sell my articles via Tweakers.net under the name 'JJCP Trading', on Ebay under the name jjcp_nl and on Marktplaats under the name Joost Vermeer.

On all these platforms I have built a very good reputation through reviews. The reach through these sites is better and I can present my products there better than on my own website.

A large part of my products are offered on the margin scheme for used goods and are therefore VAT free, which in turn is beneficial for you as a customer without a company!

A limited warranty applies to used products. Usually in such cases I offer a 3 month warranty. This can differ per product.

A small part of my products is offered including VAT. If you have any questions about this, you can always contact me.


If you want to sell your hardware, please contact me.

If the hardware is relevant to me (and in excellent condition), I am willing to purchase your hardware from you at trade prices.

As a selling private individual, I need a statement of purchase from you.


Some images of products I sell

ssd nas intel
ssd860 dc620 hc510 samsungportable